Amy Barker started Amy’s Limousine Service in 2004, with help from a friend and determination she built a brand known for quality and caring. Having worked with some families from high school graduation to engagement parties and weddings, Amy’s Limousine Service has proven their focus on lasting relationships.

Specializing in personalized service for surprise parties, city tours, proms, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, casino trips, and corporate travel, Amy’s Limousine is always focused on taking care of you and your guest, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.


Amy’s Limo is always thinking of one thing: taking care of you

It was a hot August day when a blushing bride, desperately in search of water, asked Amy if she had any water. No one in the bridal party had any water, but Amy, the founder of Amy’s Limousine Service, did. The bride was overjoyed to quench her thirst and get back to taking photos of her special day and never forgot Amy’s kindness. On her sixth anniversary, while riding in one of Amy’s limousines, that same bride shared she’d never forgotten Amy’s kindness on that hot August day, and said the water Amy gave her was, “the best water she’d ever had.”

This is just one example of the care we provide our guests, and it’s the attitude that every member of the team expresses through their actions and attention to each person.